About repression

If you have received mail from the court, the prosecutor or the police, or if you are otherwise affected by repression in the course of the squatting in Freiburg in recent years, please contact


A PGP_Key for encrypted communication and instructions can be found here.

Basically, it is not advisable to react to letters from the cops. You don’t have to go to a police summons and you don’t have to make a statement (not even in writing). The situation is different with mail from the court or the proesecutor. Maybe you are in contact with other anti-repression structure such as EAs or local groups of the Rote Hilfe, otherwise you are welcome to contact us with all your questions.

You should definitely object to a penalty order (Strafbefehl) within two weeks of receiving it. At the latest then it would be important to contact us in order to plan the court trial together.

No one will be left alone! Our solidarity against their repression!