Wondering how you can support us? Here are some ideas …

Join in!
Do you want to participate in our initiative, occupy houses and become active in a city which only gives the impression of peaceful sustainability? Come directly to a occupation (join our PhoneTree – see tab above), to one of our open meetings (check the calender) or write us an e-mail (see contact tab)!
You are the program! Occupying also means having fun and creating cultural spaces. That’s why we are always happy about people who want to offer workshops or make music. Write us an e-mail or just drop by!

Come visit!
New squat open? Well then come for a visit! First take a quick look at our Ticker and see what we might need (e.g. coffee, cakes, instruments).
And at other times? There are benefit parties, presentations and and and… Check out what is happening in the near future on the calendar and bring your flatmates and friends with you!

Practical support!
Occupations don’t run by themselves – we need the help of all of you to send a clear signal against empty buildings! But also feel free to bring (hot or cold) drinks, food, cleaning supplies, instruments, etc.
You live right next to an occupation Then feel free to offer us use of your toilet, tap or old garden furniture!
You have a printer? Get in touch, because we have to print flyers regularly.

Spread the word!
Not in Freiburg right now, or can’t come visit? No reason to do nothing. Tell your friends and acquaintances (in Freiburg) about us, encourage them to come by, do solidarity-actions in your town, distribute and stickers in cafés, info shops or other squatted buildings!

Liberate the empties!
You don’t have to be part of ‘Die WG’ to occupy houses and fight against gentrification and vacancy! Create your autonomous small group, take to the streets, to the houses, to the fields – get creative, but above all ACTIVE!
No plan for where to start? We are happy to pass on our knowledge. Write us an email!

We welcome donations!
We can always use the following donations:
– Paints, banner fabric, spray cans, marker pens
– Candles, lighters, trash bags, cleaning equipment, thermos cans
– Mattresses, sleeping bags, camping mats
– durable vegan food e.g. nuts, spreads, rice waffles, vegan chocolate, tea bags, coffee powder
– Tools, wood
– Anonymous Sim cards with credit, unused mobile phones, walkie-talkies
If you have leftover money lying around, we are also happy to receive donation. Write us an e-mail or come to one of our meetings.

You are great!

Thank you for your solidarity!