WG-Party Nr.1 – Kappellenweg 15 – 2.2.19

Our acting mayor has announced more housing for everyone during the past election campaign. Despite the acute housing shortage, however, the city administration does not take effective action against existing vacancy.

We stand behind the “WG Freiburg – create living spaces” and are committed to greater participation in the design of housing policy and the urban landscape.
Because housing must become affordable again!
Luxury renovations are just as irresponsible as vacancy.
They are triggers of gentrification.
This squat is a sign against this development.
It continues to be a festival of protest against the urban choking of subcultural open spaces, such as the death of nightlife deaths (as currently being experience with the closure of Wheit Rabbit).

We are in favour of cultural wealth and a diverse nightlife in Freiburg.
Since the city does not act, we will open up and enjoy new dance spaces!

Therefore, tonight we party!