We are very excited to be hosting Squatting Days in Freiburg in October. Join us for 10 days of sharing experiences, discussions, bringing unused buildings back to life, making actions together and bringing a bit of chaos to Freiburg. Here’s a few words from us about what you can expect


We want to provide infrastructure, information and will make a lots of preparations ahead of the Squatting Days, but also want to emphasis that the Squatting Days will be based on active participation, ideas and knowledge of all people coming, this is a D.I.Y (or even better; Do It Together!) event, therefore the success comes from everyone’s contributions! We welcome your ideas, workshops and experience.

The aims of Squatting Days Freiburg…

  • network and share information around struggles
  • develop concepts for a creative and effective resistance to the destruction of our open spaces.
  • connect to unite our struggles
  • skill share
  • make a stand again vacancy, spiraling rent prices, gentrification and fat-cat landlords
  • reclaiming the city
  • discuss strategies for the defense of our spaces
  • but also have lots of fun!

Lots of other information will be available at the event.


There are numerous ways to arrive at Freiburg, Flixbus stops here, there are good DeutscheBahn connections from across Germany, and regular trains from Basel (Switzerland) that only take an hour. You can also try BlaBlaCar or other car sharing website.

If you are arriving by car, parking around Freiburg can be tricky (lack of spaces where you don’t have to pay). If you aren’t sure where to park, write to us and we will send you suggestions of places

Getting around Freiburg

Freiburg is small – its easy to walk from one side of the city centre to the other, and there is also a good tram and bus system.

We will try and arrange bikes for people to borrow, and also paper maps to make it easier to get around.


We will be arranging places where people can sleep. It would be great if you tell us in advance when you need a place to sleep or can offer sleeping places.
Write an (preferably encrypted) email to squattingfreiburg[at]riseup[dot]net. (PGP key here).


A autonomous kitchen will be cooking up tasty vegan dishes during the Squatting Days, on a donation basis. Of course the kitchen functions better with helpers, so it is great if you have some free time to pass by the kitchen and ask if they need help chopping or serving.


For obvious reasons, we are not releasing lots of information about the Squatting Days beforehand, but some of the events will have fixed locations, which we will say more about closer to the time. Places to start:

    • KTS (Basler Straße 103) with info point and many events
    • G19 (Gartenstraße 19) for events
    • and many more!

Workshops and program

We want to put together a program of inspiring, informative, fun, and interesting events. We have some things for our program already but it would be great if people come with ideas and materials. Even better, if you already know what you can contribute, write us an email!

The Squatting Days is also running parallel to a ten day long celebration of the 25 year anniversary of the social centre KTS (, which will contain lots of events, concerts and presentations.


It’s not an easy task to raise all the money needed for an event like Squatting Days, we will have a donation pot around at the event (non-obligatory, of course), feel free to give donations. If you know any projects who would be interested in donating money for running this event, please ask them, we would be very happy!

Legal Support and anti-repression.
Legal team Squattind Days number:   0049 (0) 761 409 72 51
During the Squatting Days you can call the legal team (German: EA / Ermittlungsausschuss) in case of an arrest or if you need urgent legal support. The phone will be answered by folks in solidarity taking care that no one will be left alone in police custody. You can call the legal team during the action days at any time. Afterwards you can reach the legal support called Squat Freiburg Anti-Rep via email: squatfreiburg_antirep[ät]ungehorsam[Punkt]ch (PGP Key soon here).
If you get controlled or taken into custody during the Squatting Days or at other squats in Freiburg please contact the anti repression group afterwards, especially if you get a letter from the cops or court later on.

GeSa is German for the place where the cops will take people in custody to at bigger events. There will be a support team waiting in front of the police station if some one gets taken in. But in order to know about that, you’ll need to tell the legal team by calling them!

Pre-trial jail and prison
We hope that won’t be a topic anyway. But if you or your friends get taken into jail, please contact the legal team asap! We will of course support prisoners. But if it comes to that, we’ll need your support and solidarity.

Out of Action
Aka emotional first aid, provides a place to go to after possibly traumatizing experiences as for example confrontations with cops, violent assaults, etc. There will be an out of action phone to call if you want a place to take a break, drink some tea and eat a chocolate bar or have somebody to listen. Number following soon..

We want everybody at the Squatting Days to feel comfortable. Respect each other’s personal boundaries! We won’t tolerate any boundary crossing. If something happens you are welcome to call the awareness team number (published soon). They are people in solidarity listening to what happened, if that’s what you need or otherwise offering a room to retreat.

Medics: 003305710794
We’re working on having medics in solidarity around. We still need more people willing to take shifts, so get in touch. If you need medical support call the medic number that soon will be published or come to the info point at KTS.

Info point at KTS
At KTS there will be a info point to get info on what’s happening, how to participate (e.g. take shifts), get action maps, aks for a place to sleep, etc. Open on weekends 10 am – 9 pm and during the week 10 – 12 am and 3 – 6 pm.
There’s an info telephone as well that you can call 10 am – 10 pm. Number : 0033605721399

What to bring

  • Yourself and your mates
  • Sleeping equipment (warm sleeping bag, camping mat) and warm clothes (summer is longer in Freiburg but the evenings might be cooler!)
  • workshop ideas, zines to read, information to share, banners
  • personal identification papers (optional)
  • any other things you might need for an action-week such as banners, stickers, flyers

Please forward the invitation further. And come celebrate some libertarian, creative, subversive and solidarity-filled days with us in Freiburg!