Squatting Days Freiburg

18th – 29th October 2019 Freiburg im Brsg.

We would like to invite you to extend the summer and take part in the Squatting Days in October, to celebrate the birthdays of the Infoladen and the KTS and to come together for a libertarian outlook. Freiburg is a small city in the southern part of the Black Forest where the borders to Switzerland and France have been drawn on official maps. The Squatting Days will focus on problems such as exploding housing prices, gentrification and vacancy – but we find ourselves in times in which resistance can only be effective through an intersectional approach and squats represent only a part of the necessary anti-fascist, feminist and anti-capitalist struggles.

The idea of the Squatting Days is that the infrastructure needed for activities such as workshops, concerts, film screenings, street art, talks, parties and direct action will be made available in Freiburg and you can use these for your ideas. If you would like to let us know about your plans or have any questions, send us an email to squattingfreiburg[at]riseup[dot]net

DIY days of action against gentrification and vacancy.

For self-organised spaces.