Occupation of the ‘Dreikönigshaus’ (three kings house) – 20.12.18

Invitation to the press conference, 21.12 at 10 o’clock, Schwarzwaldstrasse 31

Since this afternoon at 15.40pm, we have taken a house that was empty for years, Schwarzwaldstrasse 31, and occupied it. This occupation is part of the campaign “Wohnraum gestalten”, which is against conditions in Freiburg, those of unspeakably high rents, repression and an anti-social housing policy.

The house, which belongs to the city, has been empty for several years, and since 2013 there has been discussion of the possibility of demolition for the construction of  a “city tunnel”, a project proposed for 2025

In 2015, the middle section of the former three houses built in series burned down under mysterious circumstances. The center house, which like the entire Dreikönigshaus was considered a ‘listed building’ (buildings with protection status) was demolished anyway without plans of reconstruction. Probably in favor of the 300 million project “city tunnel”,but  there are no plans for the wasteland created after the demolition.

Built in the middle of the 18th century, the restaurant that existed there was moved to the city in 1921 and later the Dreikönigshaus was used by various charities.

The now free-standing western part is still visited today as a dining spot, as a distribution point for hot meals for homeless people. It’s cynical: right next to the venue, which distributes hot meals to the needy and homeless, a house has been vacant for years. The Dreikönigshaus is a symbol of Freiburg’s housing policy: while rents are rising and needy people are left behind, even urban buildings are empty. Here bring neither the empty words of the city council, nor the inadequate rent increase freeze from the city offices, have any effect on the situation. Instead of worrying about a necessary renovation and maintenance of the building, the city lets time pass. It discusses a demolition 12 years before the planned start of the construction site of the monster city tunnel project and obviously makes no thought about an interim use of the building.

We want to use the house again, use it as living space and social meeting space. Therefore, the shop space on the ground floor is now opened as a pub and café, for the above apartments we want to make plans for communal living.
As a first step to re-use, we have freed the neglected house from the pigeon corpses in the attic and will begin to repair the damage in the roof. Our aim is to repair the building again; we want to counteract the targeted neglect of habitable houses, through repairing them. Our fight is directed against the socially unbearable housing policy of the city of Freiburg; it is necessary to create  free and self-designed housing through direct actions.

So come over, get involved and chat with us over coffee and snacks.
We are all staying!